Licensing Questions

These questions and answers are for consumers of financial products seeking answers regarding Licensing Questions. If you are a business, Industry or regulated entity, please check our industry questions.

How old do I have to be to apply for an insurance producer license?

Pursuant to Article 21 of the Insurance Law, you will need to be 18 years of age or older to apply for an insurance license.

How do I renew my Insurance Producer license?

Licenses are eligible for renewal if it is within 180 days of the expiration date of the licenses.  Most licenses can be renewed online. Learn more in our Agents and Brokers section. 

What is the status of my Insurance Producer application?

You can search for licensing information by name via our Producer Licensee Search.

If you find no licensing information there, the license has not yet been issued. To inquire about status send us an email at [email protected].

How do I obtain a hard copy of my Insurance producer license?

The Department does not mail paper licenses. As soon as a license is issued (in PDF format) the licensee should save and print the license. 

Use the Producer/Licensee Search application to determine if a license has been issued and to view the license number.

Once a license is printed, there is a statutory $15.00 duplicate license fee for any future license print requests. 

Follow these instructions to request/print a license.


How do I reinstate an expired license?

If you are a resident and your license has been expired more than two years, you must retake the exam and submit a paper application with the passing score report and fee.

If you are a nonresident and your license has been expired more than two years, you must be currently qualified in your home state and submit a paper application with fee. 

If your license expired within the last two years, you may relicense via this website

I do not remember the Continuing Education courses I previously took. Can you tell me?

No. It is the responsibility of the Producer to maintain course completion documents. For any further information, contact the Continuing Education Provider.

How do I apply for an individual or individual with a trade name license?

Individuals and individuals with trade names applying for a life agent, life broker, property/casualty agent and/or property/casualty broker license can apply via this page.

Residents must be qualified by examination; non-residents may use the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) at

For more information about producer licensing visit our Agents & Brokers section.

How do I obtain my license number?

Use the Producer/Licensee Search application to determine if a license has been issued and to view the license number.

You may search by name or license number; instructions are posted.

What does it mean if my agent license is in inactive status?

If there are no current company appointments on file for an agent, the agent's license is considered to be inactive. An agent is required to have at least one company appointment on file in order to sell insurance. The appointment must be filed within 15 days of either the date an agency contract is executed with the insurance company or the date the first insurance application is submitted. 

If the agent's license is in an inactive status at the time of renewal, a renewal application may be completed. However, if the agent is still in an inactive status at the next renewal, the agent will not be eligible to renew unless an appointment is filed on behalf of the agent.

How do I obtain name approval for my entity?

It is recommended that insurance producer applicants obtain name approval for use of the name in the insurance industry from this Department before filing the name with a County Clerk office or the New York State Department of State.

You may submit a list of proposed names in the order of preference to New York State Department of Financial Services, Licensing Services Bureau, One Commerce Plaza, Albany, New York 12257, or to our email address, [email protected].

Once a name is approved, licensing instructions will be provided.