DFS Exchange Interest Form

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Release and Agreement

Section IV: Sign a release stating that the applicant understands the interaction with DFS Exchange, including all meetings thereunder

  1. Does not constitute an endorsement or any other form of support of any entity, individual, investment, product, or service, and shall not in any way be represented as such by the Participant
  2. Is not part of and does not in any way bypass any DFS licensing process
  3. Is for informational purposes only; it does not, and is not intended to, constitute, include, or otherwise involve any legal consultation with, or any legal advice or legal opinion from, DFS or any other entity or individual
  4. Does not represent or create any contract or other agreement, binding or otherwise, with regard to the provision or receipt of goods or services
  5. Does not in any way constitute, relate to, or involve any request for proposal, invitation for bid, solicitation, or vendor-selection process of any kind
  6. Any information received from the Participant may be subject to public disclosure, including but not limited to disclosure through a Freedom of Information law.
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