Addendum to Circular Letter No. 7 (2001)

April 12, 2001


All Authorized Insurers, Fraternal Benefit Societies, and Health Maintenance Organizations (collectively "licensees")


Modification in Reporting Requirement of Circular Letter No. 7 regarding Policies, Procedures and Controls in Place Evidencing Compliance with 11 NYCRR 420 (Regulation 169)

STATUTE AND REGULATION REFERENCES: Section 308 of Insurance Law; Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (15 U.S.C. 6801, et seq.); Regulation 169 (11 NYCRR 420)

Please be advised that the Department has eliminated the requirement that your submission under Circular Letter No. 7 include privacy and opt-out notices. Therefore, please disregard the "Note" after instruction #10 and the "Reminder" following the table in Circular Letter No. 7, concerning the attachment of such notices to the report.

You are further reminded that the Department continues to require a response to Circular Letter No. 7 by May 1, 2001.

Questions as to this Addendum should be directed to the individuals specified in Circular Letter No. 7.

Gregory V. Serio
Acting Superintendent of Insurance