Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Insurance Producer Licensing FAQs

What if the COVID-19 pandemic prevents me from completing my continuing education requirements or renewing my insurance producer license?

On March 25, 2020, DFS issued Insurance Circular Letter No. 9 (2020), which suspended the expiration of licenses for all individual producers for 60 days, from March 25, 2020 through May 24, 2020; waived any late fees resulting from, and accruing during, this 60-day period; and suspended the requirement that a monitor be present to complete producer continuing education and pre-licensing course exams online during this 60-day period. On May 21, 2020, DFS issued Supplement No. 1 to Insurance Circular Letter No. 9 (2020), which extends the relief provided in Insurance Circular Letter No. 9 (2020) for an additional 45 days, through July 8, 2020.

Which insurance producer license expirations have been temporarily suspended?

Insurance Circular Letter No. 9 (2020) and Supplement No. 1 to Insurance Circular Letter No. 9 (2020) temporarily suspend the expiration of individual producer licenses. They do not suspend the expiration of property/casualty agent (PC) entity licenses (which expire on June 30, 2020), property/casualty broker (BR) and life broker (LB) entity licenses (which expire on October 31, 2020), or adjuster licenses (which expire on December 31, 2020).

Will the expiration date of my insurance producer license be extended?

No. Insurance Circular Letter No. 9 (2020) and Supplement No. 1 to Insurance Circular Letter No. 9 (2020) merely suspend the expiration of individual producer licenses that would otherwise expire between March 25, 2020 and July 8, 2020. They do not extend the expiration date, which will continue to fall every other year on the individual producer’s birthday. Any individual producer license that expires during this suspension period must be renewed before July 9, 2020.

Are continuing education requirements waived during the suspension period?

No. You are still required to fulfill your continuing education requirements to renew your license. If your license expires during the suspension period, however, you have until the end of July 8, 2020 to satisfy those requirements.

Are continuing education classes available online?

Many providers offer continuing education classes online.  Information regarding online continuing education classes can be found here.

There is no requirement that a monitor be present to take an online continuing education exam from March 25, 2020 through July 8, 2020.

Are insurance producer pre-licensing exams available online?

Pre-licensing exams for Life, Accident and Health and for Property and Casualty can be taken online.  Additional information is available at:

Are insurance producer licensing exams available online?

Starting June 15, 2020, insurance producer candidates can sign up for remote online proctored testing for all 28 New York insurance licensing exams. Remote testing will allow candidates to take the exams at a location of their choice, including their home or office. The exams will continue to be available for in-person testing at testing centers as well. Remote examinations can be scheduled during the day, in the evening, or on weekends. Candidates’ computers must be compatible with the testing requirements to take the exam. Please visit the PSI website at: to sign up for a remote insurance examination slot and for additional information.

Can my license be renewed online?

Yes.  Insurance producer licenses can be renewed here.

How can I check my continuing education and/or licensing status?

Please visit the licensee self-service portal to check continuing education and licensing status.