Enforcement and Discipline


Mortgage Enforcement Actions

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Date IssuedAction
2023-10-04Settlement Agreement with Dylan B. Randall
2023-10-04Settlement Agreement with Cynthia C. Nostro
2023-05-01Settlement Agreement with Richard Barenblatt
2023-05-01Settlement Agreement with Keith Furer
2023-05-01Settlement Agreement with Kevin Ungar
2023-05-01Settlement Agreement with David Breitstein
2021-12-2021Settlement Agreement with Academy Mortgage Corp.
2021-06-15Settlement Agreement with Premium Mortgage Corporation
2021-04-07Settlement Agreement with Freedom One Funding, Inc.
2021-03-22Settlement Agreement with 1st Priority Mortgage, Inc.
2021-03-03Consent Order to Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.
2021-12-10Settlement Agreement with Continental Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
2021-12-10Settlement Agreement with First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation
2021-02-04Settlement Agreement with Hunt Mortgage Corporation
2020-06-22Settlement Agreement with Sigma Funding Corp.
2020-06-22Settlement Agreement with Michael Goldberg
2020-06-22Settlement Agreement with Professional Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
2020-03-03Settlement Agreement with Ezz Services INC.
2020-02-27Settlement Agreement with New York Processing, Inc.
2020-01-29Settlement Agreement with SIRVA Mortgage, Inc.
2020-01-17Settlement Agreement with Academy Mortgage Corp.
2019-10-18Settlement Agreement with Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC
2019-10-09Settlement Agreement with Stephanie Giordano
2019-08-27Settlement Agreement with Atalaya Capital Management LP and ACM Vision V LLC (jointly filed by DFS and NYAG)
2019-08-07Settlement Agreement with East Coast Funding of New York, Inc.
2019-08-01Complaint against Vision Property Management, LLC; Kaja Holdings 2, LLC; RVFM 11 Series, LLC; DSV SPV 1, LLC; DSV SPV 2, LLC; DSV SPV 3, LLC; Alan Investments III, LLC; Alex Szkaradek and John Does 1-50 (jointly filed by DFS and NYAG)
2019-06-12Settlement Agreement with Sortis Financial, Inc.
2019-05-01Settlement Agreement with Absolute Home Mortgage Corporation.
2019-04-18Settlement Agreement with A & F Capital, Inc.
2019-03-27Settlement Agreement with ResMac of New York in lieu of ResMac, Inc. ("ResMac")
2019-03-06Settlement Agreement with Approved Credit Services, Inc.
2019-02-08Settlement Agreement with Impac Mortgage Corp. dba Excel Mortgage
2019-02-07Settlement Agreement with United Shore Financial Services, LLC
2019-02-07Settlement Agreement with PrimeLending, A PlainsCapital Company
2019-01-16Settlement Agreement with NJ Lenders Corp. d/b/a Home Owners Mortgage Express
2019-01-14Consent Order to SN Servicing Corporation
2019-01-08Settlement Agreement with Fidelcap Corp. d/b/a Fidelity Capital
2019-01-02Settlement Agreement with AFMC Mortgage in lieu of True Corporate Name American Federal Mortgage Corporation
2018-11-16Cease and Desist Order to Franklin First Financial Ltd.
2018-11-14Settlement Agreement with Washington Equities Mortgage Corp.
2018-10-01Settlement Agreement with Superior Mortgage Co., Inc.
2018-09-26Settlement Agreement with Parkside Lending, LLC
2018-07-24Settlement Agreement with Paragon Home Loans Inc.
2018-06-28Settlement Agreement with Daniel John Pisani
2018-05-24Settlement Agreement with Hypotec Inc.
2018-05-24Settlement Agreement with Circle Mortgage Corporation
2018-05-10Settlement Agreement with Thomas D. Tangney Esq. LLC D/B/A Double T
2018-04-26Settlement Agreement with Michael Steven Vassallo
2018-04-20Settlement Agreement with Your Approved Funding Corp.
2018-04-11Settlement Agreement with Contour Mortgage Corporation
2018-04-11Consent Order to Nationstar Mortgage LLC
2018-03-15Settlement Agreement with Arlington Financial Corporation
2018-03-15Settlement Agreement with Eli B. Weissman
2018-03-15Settlement Agreement with Live Well Financial, Inc.
2018-03-13Settlement Agreement with Jet Direct Funding Corp. D/B/A Jet Direct Mortgage
2018-03-05Settlement Agreement with Commonfund Mortgage Corp.
2018-01-24Settlement Agreement with 21st Mortgage Corporation
2018-01-23Settlement Agreement with Nationwide Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
2018-01-23Settlement Agreement with John Anthony Aita, Jr.
2018-01-23Settlement Agreement with Jason J. Miller
2018-01-03Settlement Agreement with All Island Mortgage & Funding Corp
2018-01-03Settlement Agreement with Justin Schiatta
2017-12-08Settlement Agreement with Matthew James Sullivan
2017-12-07Settlement Agreement with, LLC d/b/a LDWholesale
2017-11-14Settlement Agreement with United Equities Mortgage Broker Inc.
2017-11-09Settlement Agreement with American Advisors Group, Inc.
2017-10-27Settlement Agreement with William T. Knoop
2017-10-25Settlement Agreement with Anna Lazar
2017-10-25Settlement Agreement with L.W. Integrity Funding LLC
2017-10-03Settlement Agreement with Intercontinental Capital Group, Inc.
2017-08-30Settlement Agreement with Bridgeview Mortgage Corp.
2017-08-23Settlement Agreement with Money Market Mortgage, LLC
2017-08-18Settlement Agreement with Salvator Zangari
2017-08-10Consent Order to Mortgage Research Center, LLC, d/b/a Veterans United Home Loans
2017-08-09Settlement Agreement with Montgomery Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
2017-08-09Settlement Agreement with MCS Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
2017-08-02Settlement Agreement with Brian Gerald Schiele
2017-07-25Settlement Agreement with Michael J. Rakeman
2017-06-30Settlement Agreement with South Fork Funding, Inc.
2017-06-30Settlement Agreement with Eli B. Weissman
2017-06-19Settlement Agreement with Equity Prime Mortgage LLC
2017-06-09Cease and Desist Order to Vanguard Funding, LLC
2017-06-05Settlement Agreement with Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.
2017-05-10Settlement Agreement with Mortgage Network LLC
2017-04-24Settlement Agreement with Nothnagle Home Securities Corporation
2017-04-05Settlement Agreement with Reliant Home Funding, Inc.
2017-04-05Settlement Agreement with Lifestyle Funding Solutions LLC
2017-03-30Settlement Agreement with The Money Source
2017-03-30Settlement Agreement with JTM Financial Services
2017-03-27Settlement Agreement with Silver Fin Capital Group LLC
2017-03-27Consent Order to Ocwen Financial Corporation and Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
2017-03-22Settlement Agreement with United Security Financial Corp.
2017-03-06Settlement Agreement with FFC Mortgage
2017-02-22Settlement Agreement with MLO Jacqueline Sendra
2017-01-30Settlement Agreement with MLO Sandra Michelle Curtis
2017-01-26Settlement Agreement with Mortgage Easy, Inc. d/b/a Congress Capital Group
2017-01-26Settlement Agreement with Guidance Residential, LLC
2017-01-26Settlement Agreement with MLO Frank Giner
2017-01-26Settlement Agreement with OwnersChoice Funding, Incorporated
2017-01-11Settlement Agreement with MLO Robert A. Castro
2016-12-20Settlement Agreement with MLO Denise Ann Panza
2016-12-20Settlement Agreement with Prysma Lending Group LLC
2016-12-19Settlement Agreement with Allied Mortgage Group, Inc
2016-11-09Consent Order to PHH Mortgage Corporation and PHH Home Loans, LLC
2016-10-21Settlement Agreement with Mitchell Funding of Valley Stream Inc.
2016-10-12Settlement Agreement with United Mortgage Corp. UAN NY Finest Funding
2016-10-12Settlement Agreement with MNS Mortgage LLC
2016-10-04Settlement Agreement with Kevin Fitzpatrick
2016-10-03Settlement Agreement with Joseph F. Schlageter
2016-09-30Settlement Agreement with Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc.
2016-09-08Settlement Agreement with MLD Mortgage Inc. d/b/a the Money Store
2016-08-30Settlement Agreement with Harlequin Capital Corp
2016-07-19Settlement Agreement with QuinStreet Media, Inc.
2016-06-03Settlement Agreement with Akshay Kumar Dudani
2016-05-04Settlement Agreement with 1st Alliance Lending, LLC
2015-12-14Settlement Agreement with Go Home Mortgage, Inc.
2015-12-09Settlement Agreement with At Home Mortgage Corp.
2015-11-20Settlement Agreement with Mortgage Research Center, LLC D/B/A VA Mortgage Center
2015-11-18Consent Order to New Day Financial LLC
2015-11-10Settlement Agreement with United Mortgage Brokerage, Inc.
2015-10-28Settlement Agreement with Mitchell-Lloyd Mortgage Corp dba Advantage Home Lenders
2015-10-26Settlement Agreement with James B. Nutter & Company
2015-10-23Settlement Agreement with Home Point Financial Corp.
2015-07-24Settlement Agreement with Franklin First Financial, Ltd. D/B/A Franklin First Mortgage Bankers
2015-6-26Settlement Agreement with NFM, Consultants d/b/a NFM Lending, in lieu of its true corporate name, NFM, Inc.
2015-05-20Settlement Agreement with Starr Mortgage Company, Inc.
2015-04-02Settlement Agreement with FFC Mortgage Corp
2015-03-18Settlement Agreement with MLO Peijian Chi
2015-02-27Settlement Agreement with Fort Funding Corp.
2015-02-05Consent Order to Wells Fargo
2015-02-04Settlement Agreement with All Town Mortgage Corp.
2015-02-04Settlement Agreement with Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
2015-02-04Settlement Agreement with PrimeSource Mortgage Inc.
2014-12-22Consent Order to Ocwen Financial Corporation, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC
2014-11-18Settlement Agreement with Advisors Mortgage Group, L.L.C.
2014-11-18Settlement Agreement with Agency For Consumer Equity Mortgages, Inc.
2014-11-18Settlement Agreement with MLO Michael Monteforte
2014-11-12Settlement Agreement with NRF Funding Corp.
2014-11-12Settlement Agreement with R.B.I. Associates, Ltd.
2014-10-31Settlement Agreement with Interstate Home Loan Center, Inc.
2014-10-17Settlement Agreement with Central Mortgage Company
2014-08-22Settlement Agreement with MLO Adam DeMario
2014-08-22Settlement Agreement with Total Group In Lieu of Its True Corporate Name Total Mortgage Services, LLC
2014-06-30Settlement Agreement with Semper Home Loans, Inc.
2014-05-28Settlement Agreement with Canyon Mortgage Corp
2014-05-12Settlement Agreement with Northeast Processing, LLC
2014-05-01Settlement Agreement with MLO Jason A. Berg
2014-04-15Settlement Agreement with Ohgeun Kwon D/B/A Union Mortgage Co.
2014-03-28Settlement Agreement with J.M. Capital Group LLC
2014-03-25Suspension Order to The Funding Source, LLC
2014-02-27Settlement Agreement with MLO Ramchandra J. Mishra
2014-02-19Settlement Agreement with United Northern Mortgage Bankers Limited D/B/A Senior Security Home Advantage
2014-02-19Settlement Agreement with Marine Funding, Inc.
2014-02-14Settlement Agreement with Sistar Mortgage Company
2014-02-14Settlement Agreement with Servis One, Inc dba BSI Financial Services
2014-02-13Settlement Agreement with Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
2014-01-28Settlement Agreement with LMB Mortgage Services, Inc.
2014-01-08Settlement Agreement with Citizens Mortgage Corporation
2013-11-26Settlement Agreement with Allnet Group, Inc.
2013-11-07Settlement Agreement with Adchemy, Inc. d/b/a RateMarketplace
2013-11-07Settlement Agreement with Mortgage Master, Inc.
2013-10-30Settlement Agreement with Resurgent Capital Services LP
2013-10-04Settlement Agreement with Todd Christopher McAdams
2013-09-24Settlement Agreement with Franklin First Financial Ltd.
2013-09-13Settlement Agreement with Statewide Capital Mortgage Corp.
2013-09-10Settlement Agreement with PFS, Inc.
2013-09-10Settlement Agreement with L.B.A. Mortgage Services, Inc.
2013-09-10Consent Order to Prospect Lending, LLC In Lieu of True Name Prospect Mortgage, LLC
2013-08-27Settlement Agreement with Contour Mortgage
2013-08-27Settlement Agreement with Michael J. Rakeman
2013-08-27Settlement Agreement with Brian G. Schiele
2013-06-11Settlement Agreement with Payless Mortgage Corporation
2013-04-18Settlement Agreement with RFC Mortgage in Lieu of Residential Finance Corporation
2013-04-17Settlement Agreement with Omni Mortgage Corp.
2013-02-01Settlement Agreement with Homequest Mortgage & Financial Services Corp.
2013-02-01Settlement Agreement with Atlantic Home Loans, Inc.
2012-12-05Consent Order to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC
2012-10-24Settlement Agreement with Patriot Financial Inc.
2012-10-15Settlement Agreement with Global Reach Realty Corp.
2012-08-27Settlement Agreement with Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
2012-08-01Settlement Agreement with Associated Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
2012-06-12WC Financial in Lieu of True Name Warshaw Capital, LLC
2012-05-24Settlement Agreement with Channel Mortgage LLC
2012-05-24Settlement Agreement with United Funding Group Corp.
2012-05-24Settlement Agreement with Forte Mortgage, in Lieu of National Future Mortgage, Inc.
2012-05-04Settlement Agreement with Premium Mortgage Corp D/B/A Icon Funding Group
2012-04-26Settlement Agreement with Voyage Financial Group, Inc.
2012-04-25Settlement Agreement with Downs Financial Inc.
2012-04-02G.G. Mortgage Services, Inc - Order of Revocation
2012-03-30Settlement Agreement with R.B.I. Associates, LTD
2012-03-20Settlement Agreement with American Financial Resources, Inc.
2012-02-24Settlement Agreement with Seymour O. Williams and Accountable Financial Management Corporation
2012-02-22Settlement Agreement with New Deal Mortgage Group, LLC
2012-01-27Suspension Order to Colban Funding, Inc.
2012-01-05Order of Suspension to Money Market Mortgage, LLC
2011-12-15Agreement on Mortgage Servicing Practices with Ocwen Financial Corporation
2011-10-18Settlement Agreement with Guaranteed Home Mortgage Company Inc.
2011-10-17Settlement Agreement with CS Financial Inc.