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Interpretations and Opinions


Interpretations and Opinions

The interpretive letters, opinions, and memoranda from the Department’s Office of General Counsel that are posted to this website are provided as a research tool and represent the informal views of the Department. These letters, opinions, and memoranda address specific facts and circumstances, and a similar but non-identical fact situation could result in a different view expressed by the Department. Staff memoranda in particular represent the informal views of the Department. In some cases, where necessary to protect the privacy of individuals, or to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive commercial information, letters, opinions, and memoranda have been redacted to delete such information.

If you have a question about an interpretative letter, opinion, or memorandum or otherwise need to contact the Office of General Counsel, you may email the office.

Banking-Related Interpretations

Banking-related letters and memoranda are organized by section of law and date of issuance. 

Sorted by Section of Law | Listed by Date of Issuance

Insurance-Related Opinions

Insurance-related opinions are organized by the year in which the opinion was issued.