Selected Opinions of The Office of General Counsel For The Year of 2005

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  • The Opinion Number represents the year, the month, and then the order posted. For example, in 06-04-15 the "06" represents 2006, the "04" represents April, and the "15" refers to the 15th opinion for April 2006. Opinions within a particular month are not necessarily in chronological order.
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Opinion NumberSubjectDate Issued
05-01-01Department Approval of Consulting Agreement between Domestic Property/Casualty Insurer and Unaffiliated Entity01/04/2005
05-01-02Force Place Insurance for Office Equipment01/05/2005
05-01-03Insurance Consulting01/07/2005
05-01-04Interest on Life Claim Payments01/07/2005
05-01-05Insurance agent and broker license number on quotation and/or other correspondence01/11/2005
05-01-06Exemption from Property and Casualty Broker's Course for Individuals with CPCU Designation01/12/2005
05-01-07Accident & Health Benefits, Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA)01/13/2005
05-01-09Third Party Administrator Licensing as an Independent Adjuster for Employee Funded Flexible Spending Accounts or Cafeteria Plans01/14/2005
05-01-10Contract Language Regarding Insurance Coverage01/14/2005
05-01-11Fronting Question Presented01/14/2005
05-01-12Exemption from license as independent adjuster for adjustment bureau01/18/2005
05-01-13Automobile Insurance Coverage for Loading and Unloading of Persons Being Transported by an Ambulance01/18/2005
05-01-14N.Y. Ins. Law 6409(d): Seller of Real Estate's Requirement That Purchasers Pay A Fee If They Use Title Abstract Company/Title Agent of Their Choice01/20/2005
05-01-15Health Insurance, Domestic Partners01/20/2005
05-01-16Incentive Bonuses for Unlicensed Employees of a Licensed Broker or Agent for the Sale of Insurance Products01/20/2005
05-01-17No exemptions from requirement of licensing01/20/2005
05-01-18Credit insurance sales and marketing by bank01/28/2005
05-01-19Death Benefits, Self Funding01/31/2005
05-01-20Time Limit for Request of Reimbursement on Overpayment01/31/2005
05-01-21Licensing of Medicare Advantage Sales Representatives As Insurance Agents01/06/2005
05-02-01The Provision for Other Expenses under the New York Prescribed No-Fault Endorsement's Basic Economic Loss Section02/02/2005
05-02-02Agent Liability for Acts of Agent Employed as Independent Contractor02/02/2005
05-02-03ABC Deductible Insurance Program02/02/2005
05-02-04Commission Added to Ocean Marine Premium02/03/2005
05-02-05Fraud Warning02/03/2005
05-02-06Broker commission02/03/2005
05-02-07Monitoring and Limitation Expense Under N.Y. Ins. Law 422802/03/2005
05-02-08Tire Road Hazard Program02/03/2005
05-02-09Insurer Prohibiting Collection of Premium by Agent from Policyholder02/03/2005
05-02-10Commission Sharing Between Agents and Brokers Not Permitted Where the Referring Agent is Not a Licensed Agent of the Insurer That Writes Policy02/04/2005
05-02-11Payment of Premium as of Postmarked Date02/07/2005
05-02-12Auto Dealers/Gap and Credit insurance02/07/2005
05-02-13Health Insurance, Medicare Eligible Individuals, Premium Reduction02/08/2005
05-02-14Mid-term premium increase/cancellation on commercial insurance policies02/08/2005
05-02-15Countersignature on Insurance Policy02/08/2005
05-02-16Revocable Contingent Assignment of Death Benefits Under a Life Insurance Policy to a Specific Funeral Home02/09/2005
05-02-17Permissibility of Issuing an Insurance Agent's License to an Individual with a Misdemeanor Conviction02/09/2005
05-02-18Reservation of Rights Letter02/10/2005
05-02-19Payment of Premium to Insurer Agent or Broker as of Postmarked Date02/11/2005
05-02-20Issuance of Binding Arbitration Endorsement02/11/2005
05-02-21No-Fault Benefits Cutoff Date After Negative IME Finding02/14/2005
05-02-22Agent Paying Premium for Group Insurance02/15/2005
05-02-23Insurer Communicating Directly with Third-Party Claimant Represented by Counsel02/18/2005
05-02-24Employment Agreement and N.Y. Ins. Law 431202/18/2005
05-02-25Coverage by the Life Insurance Company Guaranty Corporation of New York02/23/2005
05-02-26Internet Sales by Insurers02/23/2005
05-02-27Agent/Broker Licensing and Commission Sharing02/23/2005
05-02-28Notice of Termination Typeface under Section 313(1)(a) of the Vehicle and Traffic Law02/24/2005
05-02-29Licensing of Foreign Health Maintenance Organization's (HMO's) in New York02/24/2005
05-02-30Agency Termination02/28/2005
05-02-31Surety Bond Issued Out of State02/28/2005
05-02-32Rebates and Unfair Competition02/23/2005
05-03-01Permissibility of Title Agent's Decision to Eliminate Certain Discretionary Fees it Customarily Charged its Applicants for Insurance03/02/2005
05-03-02Group Health Insurance/Employee Waiver of Coverage03/07/2005
05-03-03Sharing Commissions' Limited Liability Company03/08/2005
05-03-04Utilization Review Agents, Licensure as Independent Adjusters03/09/2005
05-03-05Permissibility of Joint Venture Title Agent Proposal03/10/2005
05-03-06Premium Finance Agreement03/10/2005
05-03-07Custodians for Insurance Company Assets03/10/2005
05-03-08Termination of Property and Casualty Personal Lines Insurance Agents and Brokers03/10/2005
05-03-09Licensing requirement for employees of independent adjuster03/11/2005
05-03-10Compensation to non-licensed party subsequent to referral03/11/2005
05-03-11Requirement of Submission of Additional Application (NF-2) for No-Fault Benefits by Insurer03/15/2005
05-03-12Prospective Denial of Health Insurance Coverage & Article 49 of the Public Health Law03/16/2005
05-03-13Licensing Requirement for Risk Management Consultant03/17/2005
05-03-14Warranty On Auto Anti-Theft Devise Constitutes Insurance03/17/2005
05-03-15Independent contractors and workers’ compensation coverage03/11/2005
05-03-16Letters of Credit03/17/2005
05-03-17Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Health Insurance03/18/2005
05-03-18Assumption of Workers’ Compensation Risk From Employer By Insurer03/18/2005
05-03-19Group Accidental Death & Personal Loss Coverage, Newborn Infants03/18/2005
05-03-20Health Insurance Appeals, Coordination with Federal Requirements03/182005
05-03-21Payment for Physician Independent Contractors, No-Fault03/21/2005
05-03-22Physician's Billing for Services of Employees or Independent Contractors/Health Insurance03/22/2005
05-03-23Incentives for Gap Insurance Sales03/22/2005
05-03-24Acupuncture Packages03/22/2005
05-03-25Coalition of Not-For-Profit Organizations, Purchase of Group Health Insurance03/22/2005
05-03-26Domestic Partner Benefits03/22/2005
05-03-27Interpretation of Ins. Law 3222(b)(v)03/22/2005
05-03-28Surety Bond03/22/2005
05-03-29Return of Commissions03/22/2005
05-03-30Tire and Rim Program03/22/2005
05-03-31Group Accident & Health Insurance Policy for Non-Union Members03/23/2005
05-03-32Records Retention Guidelines for Insurance Agents and Insurance Brokers03/24/2005
05-03-33Excess wear waiver03/24/2005
05-03-34Group Life & Health Insurance/Premium Rates03/29/2005
05-03-35Coalition of Not-For Profit Organizations, Purchase of Group Health Insurance03/29/2005
05-03-36No-Fault Inter-Company Loss Transfer Claims - Statutory Offsets03/23/2005
05-03-37Proposed transfer of warranty agreements to registered service contract provider03/09/2005
05-03-38Gap Insurance and Gap Waivers.03/09/2005
05-04-01Filing of Service Contract Reimbursement Insurance Forms04/04/2005
05-04-02Applicability of N.Y. Ins. Law 403 and Regulation 95 Requirement of Fraud Warning Statements in Applications and Claim Forms to Excess Line Insurers04/04/2005
05-04-03Homeowners Insurance / Insurable Interest04/04/2005
05-04-04Employer Sponsored Group Health Insurance, Waiver of Coverage04/05/2005
05-04-05Commercial Lending by an LLC Owned by an Unauthorized Insurer04/06/2005
05-04-06Supplemental Spousal Liability Coverage And For-Hire Vehicle Policies04/07/2005
05-04-07Co-payment and Deductible Waivers04/08/2005
05-04-08Licensing Requirement for Independent Adjuster04/11/2005
05-04-09Maternity Care Coverage04/13/2005
05-04-10Group Annuity Contracts, Transfer of Assets04/13/2005
05-04-11Licensed Agent Directing Commissions to Unlicensed Not-for-Profit Association04/13/2005
05-04-12Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), Privacy Rule, Psychotherapy Notes04/14/2005
05-04-13Health Insurance, Recoupment of Overpayment04/14/2005
05-04-14Flexible Spending Accounts Administration and Rebating04/15/2005
05-04-15Investments by Insurers in Limited Liability Companies04/20/2005
05-04-16Referral Fees and Rebates04/22/2005
05-04-17Provider's Waiver of Utilization Review Determination by Telephone04/22/2005
05-04-18Group Health Insurance, Dependent Continuation Right04/22/2005
05-04-19Premium Finance Agency Fee04/22/2005
05-04-20Individual Health Insurance for Non-Citizens04/25/2005
05-04-21Acting as insurance producer without a license04/25/2005
05-04-22Foreign Arbitration Clause04/27/2005
05-04-23Agent of a Title Insurance Corporation; Licensing Inquiry04/29/2005
05-04-24Appraisal Clause04/29/2005
05-04-25Reimbursement for Services Provided by a Social Worker.04/07/2005
05-05-01Discount dental club05/02/2005
05-05-02Collateral Trust Arrangement05/03/2005
05-05-03Midterm Cancellation of Workers' Compensation Insurance05/03/2005
05-05-04Public adjusters and conflicts of interest05/04/2005
05-05-05Community Rating and Out-of-State Association Trust05/04/2005
05-05-06Permissibility of Proposed Business Arrangement/Joint Venture/Title Agent05/04/2005
05-05-07Section 5 of TIRSA Manual: Request for Department Ruling That Fair Market Value of Buildings Are Less than Assessed Value05/05/2005
05-05-08Mass Merchandising05/06/2005
05-05-09Office location05/06/2005
05-05-10Fully Insured Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements05/09/2005
05-05-11New York Municipal Law Section 92-a05/09/2005
05-05-12Charitable Gift Annuity05/09/2005
05-05-13Small Group Health Insurance, Premium Rates05/09/2005
05-05-14Disclosure of Health Insurance Information05/09/2005
05-05-15Workers' Compensation05/11/2005
05-05-1618 USCA 1033 Waiver05/11/2005
05-05-17Formation of a Title Insurance Company05/12/2005
05-05-18Agent/Broker Licensing and Commission Sharing05/11/2005
05-05-19Broker Fees and Commissions05/11/2005
05-05-20Wrap-up Policy Not Subject to Audit Adjustment05/17/2005
05-05-21Investigating Claims05/17/2005
05-05-22Insurer's Right to Cancel for Non-payment of Additional Premium05/18/2005
05-05-23Intra-Organization Claims Adjusting License Requirement05/20/2005
05-05-24Community Rated group health insurance Notification of employee’s termination05/20/2005
05-05-25Unlicensed Insurance Agent & Unauthorized Health Insurer05/24/2005
05-05-26Life Insurance Underwriting05/25/2005
05-05-27Application of excess line premium tax to policies sold to Indian tribes05/26/2005
05-05-28Automobile Insurer Reporting of Private Passenger Automobile First-party Physical Damage and Third-party Property Damage Losses Required by Section 216.8(d)(2) of Regulation 64 to the Central Organization ISO05/26/2005
05-05-29Physician Acceptance of No-Fault Fee Schedule05/28/2005
05-05-30Foreign Embassy or Consulate as Employer for Purposes of Group Life/Health Insurance Policy05/30/2005
05-05-31Service Contracts05/31/2005
05-05-32Discounts for Completing a Defensive Driving Course05/31/2005
05-05-33Prize Give Away Limitation05/31/2005
05-05-34Liability for Rental Cars - N.Y. Gen. Bus. Law 396-z05/31/2005
05-06-01Excess Line Association of New York ("ELANY") Proposed Electronic Filing & Stamping System06/02/2005
05-06-02Charitable Donation of One Year of Life Insurance Premium06/02/2005
05-06-03Payment of Rental Car Damage Claim06/03/2005
05-06-04Health Insurance, Continuation Benefit06/03/2005
05-06-05Association Groups, Health Insurance06/03/2005
05-06-06Digital Photography06/06/2005
05-06-07Charitable Annuities06/06/2005
05-06-08Applicability of Regulation 64 to a Motor Vehicle Accident06/07/2005

Regulation 60 & Staggered Infusion of Funds from Life Insurance Policy and Annuity Contract into New Annuity Contract. 

See Opinion No. 06-02-04

05-06-10Chronic Health Conditions, Declination for Insurance06/08/2005
05-06-11Unlicensed Bank Representative & Rebating06/09/2005
05-06-12Health Insurance, Coverage of Chiropractic Services06/13/2005
05-06-13Group Annuity 401(k) Product06/16/2005
05-06-14Exemption from independent adjuster definition applicable to an adjustment bureau06/16/2005
05-06-15Use of credit to cancel or non-renew a commercial risk insurance policy06/17/2005
05-06-16Licensing of Foreign HMO in NY06/17/2005
05-06-17Title Insurance06/17/2005
05-06-18Applicability of New York State Insurance Law 9110 Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement06/17/2005
05-06-19Cancellation of Excess Line Insurance Policies06/20/2005
05-06-20Emergency Treatment, Physician’s Services06/21/2005
05-06-21Underwriting Questionnaires: Usage by New York Automobile Insurance Plan ("NYAIP") Insurers to Underwrite NYAIP Insureds06/21/2005

An Individual Licensed as an Insurance Agent and Broker Using a Trade Name to Transact Business in New York State

05-06-23N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 11, 60-1.1(c)(3)(i)-(iii) (Regulation 35-A) Exclusions06/22/2005
05-06-24Automobile Insurance Advertisements.06/22/2005
05-06-25Hiring a person whose insurance broker license was revoked to work in an insurance business06/22/2005
05-06-26Valuation of Life Estate06/23/2005
05-06-27Group Life Insurance, Union as Policyholder06/23/2005
05-06-28Health Insurance Eligibility06/23/2005
05-06-29Independent Adjuster Licensing Requirements Request for Reconsideration of Opinion.06/24/2005
05-06-31Architect Fees06/27/2005
05-06-32Interplay of Medicaid and Healthy New York with Private Health Insurance06/27/2005
05-06-33Dividends on Group Term Life Insurance.06/27/2005
05-06-34Health Insurance Continuation Benefits & Administrative Services.06/28/2005
05-06-35Broker Fees06/28/2005
05-07-01Compensation Paid to Mortgage Lender's Employees for Referring Title Business to Lender's Affiliated Title Insurance Company07/01/2005
05-07-02No-Fault: Preferred Providers Organization (PPO)07/01/2005
05-07-03Payment of Interest on Life Insurance Proceeds.07/05/2005
05-07-04Electronic Transmittal of Explanations of Benefits (EOB)07/05/2005
05-07-05Discount Vision Program.07/05/2005
05-07-06Third Party Administrator License Requirement.07/05/2005
05-07-07Employment Based Group Insurance, Minimum Hours of Work.07/07/2005
05-07-08General Inquiry Regarding An Authorized Insurer That Issues An Insurance Policy On An Unapproved Policy Form07/07/2005
05-07-09Group Health Insurance Coverage of Spouse07/07/2005
05-07-10Commercial Lending by an LLC Owned by an Unauthorized Insurer – Retaliatory Tax Inquiry.07/12/2005
05-07-11Bid Credit For Insurance Under NY Ins Law 250507/12/2005
05-07-12Solicitation for Purchase of Life Insurance Policy07/13/2005
05-07-13Utilization Review, Pharmacy Benefits07/13/2005

Broker Compensation

05-07-15Sale of Book of Business.07/05/2005
05-07-16Offering free administrative services in connection with the sale of health insurance07/13/2005
05-07-17Disclosure of Policyholder Files by Insurance Agents (Regulations 169 and 173).07/15/2005
05-07-18Chiropractors, Health Insurance.07/19/2005
05-07-19Cancellation of Commercial Liability Insurance Policy N.Y. Ins. Law 3426 (McKinney Supp. 2005).07/19/2005
05-07-20Health Maintenance Organization, Commissions.07/20/2005
05-07-21Record Retention07/21/2005
05-07-22Regulation 114 - Proposed Master Trust07/21/2005
05-07-23Proof of Marriage For Auto Insurance07/21/2005
05-07-24Payment of Fee by Independent Adjuster to Broker07/25/2005
05-07-25Permissibility of Broker Engaging in COBRA and General Billing Administration on Behalf of its Clients07/26/2005
05-07-26Public Adjusters07/26/2005
05-07-27Referrals of Potential Insureds by Non-Licensees to an Insurance Agency.07/27/2005
05-07-28Excess Workers' Compensation - Insurance Policies for Self-Insured Employers07/27/2005
05-07-29Referral Fee07/28/2005
05-07-30Minimum Earned Premiums07/28/2005
05-07-31N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 11, Part 101, (Regulation 164) (2002), Applicability07/29/2005
05-07-32Receipt of Insurance Broker's Future Commissions by Spouse of Deceased Broker07/21/2005
05-08-01Special Risk Insurance Written in the Free Trade Zone - Purchasing Groups.08/01/2005
05-08-02Regulation of Travel Agents Selling Travel Insurance.08/02/2005
05-08-03Merger of Service Contract Providers08/02/2005
05-08-04One-time copay waiver/refund incentive08/03/2005
05-08-05Driving Discounts08/03/2005
05-08-06Commercial Property Insurance/Affect of Binder08/09/2005
05-08-07Offering free tax preparation services to employers in connection with the sale of employee benefits08/09/2005
05-08-08Article 48 and Preferred Provider Organizations.08/12/2005
05-08-09Licensing requirements of a United States manager of a U.S. Branch of an alien insurer08/12/2005
05-08-10Out of Network Health Coverage.08/12/2005
05-08-11Accounting Practices and Procedures Manual - Regulation 17208/15/2005
05-08-12Loss Information Requests.08/16/2005
05-08-13Accident & Health Insurance, Workers' Compensation Exclusion.08/17/2005
05-08-14Group Health Insurance, Waiver of Coverage.08/19/2005
05-08-15Loan Participations as "Qualified Investments" - CAPCO Statute08/22/2005
05-08-16Health Maintenance Organizations, Commissions08/24/2005
05-08-17Commercial Umbrella Policy's Aggregate Limits of Liability08/25/2005
05-08-18Disclosure of Broker Commission08/30/2005
05-08-19Insurers Obligation to Use Insurance Producers.08/30/2005
05-08-20Referrals of Potential Insureds by Non-licensees to an Insurance Agency08/30/2005
05-08-21Interpretation of "[A]ny Notice Rejecting Any Element of a Claim Involving Personal Property Insurance" Contained in Section 216.6(h) of Regulation 6408/31/2005
05-08-22Health Care Insurance Grouping.08/30/2005
05-08-23Permissibility of Agent Inducing Residents to Purchase Insurance from Him in Exchange for His Donation of $50-$100 from Each Purchased Policy to a Specific Organization08/30/2005
05-08-24Third Party Administrator and Adjuster's License08/01/2005
05-09-01Arrangement Between an Insurance Broker and Unlicensed Entities09/01/2005
05-09-02Insurance Sales on the Internet09/01/2005
05-09-03Independent Insurance Adjusters Licenses.09/06/2005
05-09-04Mortgage Guaranty Insurance09/06/2005
05-09-05Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWA).09/07/2005
05-09-07Limited license for credit insurance09/08/2005
05-09-08Public Adjusters & Mortgagee Rights09/08/2005
05-09-09Unauthorized Health Insurer & Sales in New York for Risks outside New York.09/12/2005
05-09-10Audit of Health Insurance Claims09/12/2005
05-09-11Health Insurance External Appeals, Time Limitations on Appeals09/12/2005
05-09-12Broker Payments to Unlicensed Trainees.09/12/2005
05-09-13Non-resident Insurance Agent/Insurance Consulting09/13/2005
05-09-14Form and Rate Filing Requirements for Group Policy Issued outside New York.09/16/2005
05-09-15Prospective Cancellation of Non-Automobile Personal Lines Insurance Renewal Policies.09/16/2005
05-09-16Non-resident Third Party Administrator09/19/2005
05-09-17Utilization Review, Physical Therapist as Clinical Peer Reviewer09/19/2005
05-09-18Alarm System Rebates for Clients.09/19/2005
05-09-19Physician's Assistants, Professional Liability Insurance.09/21/2005
05-09-20Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Pre-Existing Condition Limitations & Underlying Coverage.09/22/2005
05-09-21Application of N.Y. Ins. Law 3426(g)(2) (McKinney Supp. 2005)09/23/2005
05-09-22Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Healthy New York09/27/2005
05-09-23Renewal Requirements for Commercial Risk Policies09/28/2005
05-09-24Minimum Requirement for No Fault Transportation Benefits Claim09/28/2005
05-09-25Referrals and Insurance Quotes.09/28/2005
05-09-26Wireless Telephone Repair Contract.09/30/2005
05-09-27Electronic Signatures09/16/2005
05-10-01Peace Officer Designation of Bail Bond Agents by Superintendent of Insurance10/03/2005
05-10-02No-Fault Coverage for New York Resident Injured Outside New York.10/03/2005
05-10-03ABC Vacations - ABCV Put Option10/05/2005
05-10-04Licensing Inquiry for Third Party Administrators10/07/2005
05-10-05Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), Privacy Rule, Psychotherapy Notes10/07/2005
05-10-06Use of Captive Insurers - Self Procurement Tax.10/12/2005
05-10-07Group Health Insurance, Domestic Partner Coverage.10/12/2005
05-10-08Financial Responsibility Requirements for Service Contract Providers.10/14/2005
05-10-10Attorney Acting as Independent Adjuster10/17/2005
05-10-11Drug Enforcement Administration, Controlled Substance Registration.10/17/2005
05-10-12Comparative Statutory Analysis of N.Y. Ins. Law 4224(a)(3) &  (b)(3).10/20/2005
05-10-13Out of State Call Centers10/20/2005
05-10-14Agent Charging Fee for Insufficient Check Charges10/21/2005
05-10-15The City of New York's Exemption from the Motor Vehicle Financial Security Act10/21/2005
05-10-16Mortgage Guaranty Insurance - Determination of Fair Market Value10/24/2005
05-10-17Group Life Insurance, Assignment10/25/2005
05-10-18Reinsurance Intermediary Clause10/27/2005
05-10-19Permissibility of Proposed Ownership of Title Agency10/28/2005
05-10-20Disclosure of Relationship Between Insurance Producer and Premium Finance Agency.10/28/2005
05-10-21New York Taxation of Insurers.10/31/2005
05-10-22Excess Line Premium Tax10/21/2005
05-10-23Agent Record Retention10/21/2005
05-10-24Financial Guaranty Insurance - Triple X Securitizations10/17/2005
05-11-01Construction Bid - Credit Applied for Insurance Cost11/03/2005
05-11-02Financial Property Insurance.11/03/2005
05-11-03Authorized Insurer Using Conditional Renewal Notice to Place Insured with Affiliated Unauthorized Insurer11/03/2005
05-11-04Minimum Premium11/03/2005
05-11-05Fees Charged by an Insurance Agent to Members of a Purchasing Group11/04/2005
05-11-06Broker Business Card11/04/2005
05-11-07Fuel oil dealer business interruption program covering property damage of client's residential oil tank11/07/2005
05-11-08Consulting Fee for an Insurance Agent11/07/2005
05-11-09New York State Jurisdiction Over Health Insurance Premium Rates.11/08/2005
05-11-10Coverage for Infertility Treatments.11/08/2005
05-11-11Wrap-up Insurance11/08/2005
05-11-12Fee-for-Service Arrangement Between Independent Practice Association ("IPA") & Insurer11/09/2005
05-11-13Homeowner's insurance policy and workers compensation insurance for domestic worker11/09/2005
05-11-14Terminated Insurance Agent Records that an Insurer Shall Maintain.11/10/2005
05-11-15Permissibility of Proposed Business Arrangement to Own Title Agency11/10/2005
05-11-16Requirements of training programs to identify and evaluate possible insurance fraud11/11/2005
05-11-17Group Health Insurance, Employer-Employee Group11/14/2005
05-11-18Life Insurance Guaranty Corporation of New York/Coverage of Pension Plans11/14/2005
05-11-19Promotional Gifts11/15/2005
05-11-20On-Line Insurance Referral Service11/15/2005
05-11-21Signature on an Insurance Contract11/17/2005
05-11-22Capital Contribution from Corporate Parent.11/18/2005
05-11-23Public Adjuster's Fees11/18/2005
05-11-24Service Fees.11/21/2005
05-11-25Circular Letter No. 6 (2005) and registered representatives11/21/2005
05-11-26Check Address11/22/2005
05-11-27Individual Life Insurance, Conditional Receipts11/22/2005
05-11-28Delivery of Policy Forms by an Insurer In Electronic Form Only11/23/2005
05-11-29Financial Audit of Managing General Agents ("MGA")11/29/2005
05-12-01Group Health Insurance, Multiple Employers.12/01/2005
05-12-02Permissibility of Real Estate Brokerage's "Free" Closing Gift of a Home Protection Plan to its Clients12/01/2005
05-12-03Definition of Encryption.12/02/2005
05-12-04Mail Order Exemptions.12/05/2005
05-12-05Adding Cooperative Corporation As Insured To Homeowners Insurance Policy12/07/2005
05-12-06Permits for Charitable Annuity Societies.12/08/2005
05-12-07Purchase of Commercial Annuities by Charitable Annuity Societies.12/08/2005
05-12-08Non-Resident Managing General Agent License12/08/2005
05-12-09Accident Prevention Course Discount.12/08/2005
05-12-10Subrogation and Physical Damage Claims - Regulation 6412/08/2005
05-12-11Adjuster Licensing12/09/2005
05-12-12Agent or Broker Charging Fee for Insufficient Check Charge12/12/2005
05-12-13Wrap-up Insurance12/14/2005
05-12-14Excess Line Placement12/19/2005
05-12-15Life Insurance Transactions12/19/2005
05-12-16Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance and Discrimination Claims12/20/2005
05-12-17Reinsurance of Punitive Damage Coverage12/21/2005
05-12-18Authorized Insurers for Public Works Contractors12/21/2005
05-12-19Maximum Life Insurance Limits for Juveniles.12/22/2005
05-12-20Group Health Insurance, Employee Eligibility12/27/2005
05-12-21Electronic Fund Transfers12/27/2005
05-12-22Minimum Premium for IRPM Plan12/27/2005
05-12-23ABC Health Plan, Inc. - Gastric Bypass Surgery12/27/2005
05-12-24Issuance of Closing Protection Letter by Title Insurance Company12/28/2005