Selected Opinions of The Office of General Counsel For The Year of 2011

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Opinion NumberSubjectDate Issued
11-01-01Bail Fund01/05/2011
11-01-02Proposed Payment by an Insurance Agent to an Unlicensed Person01/05/2011
11-01-03Dishonored Premium Checks and Sweep Accounts01/20/2011
11-01-04Medical Malpractice Claim and Disposition Information01/20/2011
11-01-05Co-Payments that Exceed Reimbursement Amount01/24/2011
11-01-06Purchase of Marketing List01/28/2011
11-01-07Insurance Agent or Broker Co-Sponsoring Seminar with Law Firm01/28/2011
11-01-08Certificates of Insurance01/31/2011
11-01-09Disclosure of Compensation Paid to Managing General Agents01/31/2011
11-01-10Merger of Domestic Life Insurer into Authorized Foreign Life Insurer01/31/2011
11-02-01Adjusting the Total Loss of a New, Leased Vehicle & Payment to Insured or Loss Payee02/07/2011
11-02-02Cancelling a Business Owners Insurance Policy Due to Change in Occupancy02/07/2011
11-02-03Termination of Behavioral Health Care Networks02/07/2011
11-02-04Statutory Disability Benefits- - Extension of Coverage02/07/2011
11-02-05Health Provider, Audit of Provider Claims02/07/2011
11-02-06Applicability of New York Insurance Law to Self-Funded Employee Welfare Benefit Plans02/07/2011
11-02-07Life Settlement Disclosures02/08/2011
11-02-08Chamber of Commerce Subsidiary Licensed as an Insurance Producer02/09/2011
11-02-09Chamber of Commerce Licensed Subsidiary - "Marketing Fees"02/09/2011
11-02-10Article 78 of the Insurance Law and Life Settlement Servicing Entities02/10/2011
11-02-11Certifying Abstract of Title02/23/2011
11-04-01Requiring a Third-Party Claimant to Execute a Release04/21/2011
11-04-02Assessment Cooperative Premium Credit04/25/2011
11-04-03Insuring Self-storage Facility04/26/2011
11-05-01Application of the Coordination of Benefits Provision to the Mandatory Maternity Coverage Period05/03/2011
11-05-02Dishonored Check05/03/2011
11-05-03New York Insurance Law § 3224-a05/05/2011
11-05-04Real Estate Broker Referral to Affiliate Title Agent05/31/2011
11-06-01Independent adjuster license and examination requirement06/15/2011
11-06-02Anti–Arson Applications06/16/2011
11-06-03Cancellation Notification to Both an Agent and a Broker06/21/2011
11-06-04Two or More Producers Earning Interest on Premium Funds06/21/2011
11-06-05Real Estate Broker Marketing Agreements with Title Insurance Agents06/21/2011
11-07-01Disclosure of Entertainment and Merchandise Provided to Producers as Compensation07/08/2011
11-07-02Home Equity Protection Plan07/29/2011
11-08-01Compensation under Regulation 19408/05/2011
11-08-02Premium Finance Agreements08/04/2011
11-08-03Acting as a Public Adjuster Without a License08/05/2011
11-08-04Electronic Storage of Medical and Administrative Documentation Possessed by an Independent Adjuster08/08/2011
11-09-01Selling Salary Protection Insurance in the Excess Line Market09/22/2011
11-09-02Adjusting on Behalf of a Self-Insured Parent and Self-Insured Affiliates09/26/2011