Circular Letters Issued During 1960

Number Date Issued Status Addressed To Subject (and Link)
  01/04/1960 WITHDRAWN

Excess Line Brokers

Lines not authorized for excess line coverage.
  03/03/1960 WITHDRAWN

All Authorized Insurers Writing Group Life And Accident And Health Insurance

Installment payment of premiums for first policy year on group life and group accident and health policies. (See also CL (12/18/57) on this listing).
  04/06/1960 WITHDRAWN

All Insurance Companies Authorized to Transact Business in New York State

Publication of statements of financial condition to conform to statement last filed.
  08/15/1960 WITHDRAWN

All Property Insurers Authorized To Transact Business In The State Of New York

Premium finance plans.

All Authorized Insurers Writing Group Life, Annuities And Accident And Health Business

Cost plus - no claim reserve-stop loss types of group contracts.

All Authorized Title Insurance Companies

Procedural deficiencies of abstract companies.