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Current Circular Letters Issued During 1962

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Life Insurance Association of America, 488 Madison Avenue, New York, N. Y.

Attention: Eldon Wallingford, Esq., Associate General Counsel

Incontestable and suicide clauses on guaranteed insurability option riders and endorsements (Letter to Life Insurance Assn. of America attachment to CL 4-9/20/63). (A & H portion superseded by Regulation 62).

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The President Of Each Life Insurance Company Authorized To Do Business In The State Of New York

Compliance with Section 4224 (a-c,e) in respect to "liberalization" of policy terms.

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All Authorized Life Insurers

Statutory requirements precluding individual selection and for determination of classes in issuance of group life insurance.

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  07/31/1962 WITHDRAWN


Premium financing requirements applicable to financing by agents and brokers.

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