Circular Letters Issued During 1964

Number Date Issued Status Addressed To Subject (and Link)
1 01/09/1964  

All Authorized Insurers Writing Life Or Accident And Health Insurance In New York State

Providing group and blanket accident and health and group life and annuities coverage prior to filing or approval of policy forms (A & H superseded by Reg 62) Life portion still effective.
2 01/24/1964 WITHDRAWN

All Fire And Casualty Insurers Authorized In New York State

Prompt confirmation of coverage in auto liability claims.
3 01/27/1964 WITHDRAWN

All Licensed Rating Organizations And Insurers Making Automobile Insurance Rate Filings

Automobile insurance rate filings under Insurance Law Article VIII, interrogatory blank.
4 02/10/1964  

All Authorized Title Insurance Companies

Impropriety of unauthorized investment or deposit at interest of agency and escrow cash.
5 02/14/1964  

All Authorized Insurers

Ban on inquiries as to race, color, creed or national origin in insurance industry reports and forms to effectuate Sec. 2606.
7 06/10/1964 WITHDRAWN

All Fire And Casualty Companies

Computing tax liability and definition of "insurance on alien risks" for premium tax purposes.
8 08/11/1964  

All Insurers Authorized To Transact Life Insurance In This State

Life insurance premium finance plans offered to beginning physicians, dentists, osteopaths, and veterinarians in violation of Sec. 4224(a)-(c), (e) against “inducement” or as unfair discrimination.
9 11/24/1964 WITHDRAWN

Insurers Licensed To Write Life Insurance In New York State

Taxation of life insurance dividends accumulated or left on deposit and later applied.
10 11/17/1964  

All Domestic Stock Insurers

Filing of insider trading reports (Forms ISS & CSS) of ownership and change of ownership of stock by principal stockholders, officers, and directors of domestic stock insurers under Sec. 1221.
11 12/22/1964  

All Domestic Insurers

Use by insurer of building requiring approval as acquisition under Sec. 1404(a)(7) (A) & (B).