Circular Letters Issued During 1966

Number Date Issued Status Addressed To Subject (and Link)
1 01/05/1966 WITHDRAWN

All Authorized Insurers Writing Automobile Insurance In The State Of New York

Surcharges under safe driver plans based on damages in excess of $100.
5 01/19/1966 WITHDRAWN

All Article IX-C Non-profit Medical and Dental Indemnity and Hospital Service Corporations and All Authorized Accident and Health Insurers

Approval of contracts with Secretary of Health, Education & Welfare to Administer Medicare program.
7 02/10/1966 WITHDRAWN

All Corporations Doing Business Under Article Ix-C Of The N.Y. Insurance Law

Guidelines to adapt forms to Medicare.
8 02/16/1966  

All Authorized Life Insurers Writing Monthly Debit Life Insurance

Marketing of monthly premium debit life insurance.
12 05/02/1966 WITHDRAWN

All Excess Line Brokers

Excess Line Broker Premium Tax Statements.
14 05/03/1966 WITHDRAWN

All Authorized Insurance Companies Authorized To Write Boiler And Machinery Insurance In New York State

Rates, rules & forms for single interest coverage of direct damage and indirect damage not approved.
15 05/04/1966  

All Domestic Life Insurance Companies

Payments for life insurance on dependents of home office employees.
19 10/10/1966 WITHDRAWN

All Property Insurers Licensed In New York And To Schools And Colleges Conducting Approved Courses For Prospective Insurance Agents And Brokers

Rules on status of applicants under 21 years of age who filed prior to change affecting Sec. 2103.
20 10/19/1966 WITHDRAWN

Insurers Licensed To Write Life Or Accident And Health Insurance In New York State

Revised standards in writing wholesale life and franchise accident and health insurance. (A&H superseded by Reg. 62).