Circular Letters Issued During 1967

Number Date Issued Status Addressed To Subject (and Link)
2 03/13/1967 WITHDRAWN

All Insurers Licensed To Write Property Or Casualty Insurance In The State Of New York And To All Rating Organizations

Criteria for considering centrally organized churches and local churches as single units for rating purposes.
3 04/10/1967 WITHDRAWN

All Authorized Life Insurance Companies

Commissions on individual renewable & convertible term policies under Sec. 4228.
10/11/1967 WITHDRAWN

All Excess Line Brokers

Excess Line Broker Premium Tax Statements.
6 08/15/1967  

All Fire & Casualty Insurance Companies

Taxability of premium payment service charges.
7 11/09/1967 WITHDRAWN

All Companies Authorized to Write Credit Life or Credit Accident and Health Insurance in New York State

Unjustified differentials in interest rates considered premium for credit insurance subject to limits prescribed by Reg. 27-A.
8 11/28/1967 WITHDRAWN

All Insurers Writing Group Accident And Health Insurance

Accident and health Contingent Commissions.