Circular Letters Issued During 1968

Number Date Issued Status Addressed To Subject (and Link)
1 02/05/1968  

All Authorized Title Insurance Corporations

Insurers requested to adopt procedures to guard against losses from diversion of closing funds and priority of mechanics’ and materialmen's liens.
2 04/18/1968 WITHDRAWN

The Chief Executive Officer Of Each Domestic Life Insurer

Sale representations of protection afforded by Life Insurance Guaranty Corp. banned.
3 05/14/1968  

All Insurance Companies Authorized To Do Business In New York

Apportionment of premiums for taxation based on property or risks located or resident in this State.
4 06/20/1968 WITHDRAWN

All Licensed Insurers

Prepayment of certification, licensing and filing fees required as of Sept. 1, 1968.
5 06/03/1968 WITHDRAWN

All Authorized Life Insurance Companies

Data & materials used in sale of life insurance and mutual funds to be submitted for review.
6 07/01/1968  

All Authorized Fraternal Benefit Societies

Rules in submitting amendments of charters, constitutions and by-laws under Sec. 4501.
7 08/07/1968 WITHDRAWN

All Excess Line Brokers

Change in tax rates made by Chapter 247, Laws of 1968.
8 09/03/1968  

All Authorized Life Insurance Companies

Agents licenses required in sale of individual variable annuities beginning Nov. 1, 1968.
9 10/03/1968 WITHDRAWN

All Companies Paying Contributions To The Motor Vehicle Liability Security Funds

Claims reserves on accidents in New York State involving out-of-state insureds to be included in computing ceiling for Motor Vehicle Liability Security Funds.
10 09/25/1968 WITHDRAWN

All Authorized Life Insurance Companies

Agents" licenses to sell individual variable annuities not required until May 1, 1969 in sale of individual tax-deferred contracts providing variable retirement benefits.