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Circular Letters Issued During 1990

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Number Date Issued Status Addressed To Subject HTML PDF
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1 04/20/1990 WITHDRAWN

All Insurers Licensed To Write Automobile Insurance In New York State

Amendments Nos. 1 & 2 Motor Vehicle Liability and Collision Insurance Premium Reduction for Completion of an Accident Prevention Course Pursuant to Section 2336 of the Insurance Law.

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3 03/22/1990

Risk Retention Groups & Purchasing Groups Intending To Do, Or Doing, Business In New York State

Use of NAIC - Developed Uniform Forms (Applications Included)

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4 04/23/1990 WITHDRAWN

All Insurers Licensed To Write Fire Insurance In New York State

Tax District Claims Against Fire Insurance Proceeds.

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5 05/01/1990 WITHDRAWN

All Insurers Licensed To Write Automobile Physical Damage Insurance In New York

"Steering" Motor Vehicle - Comprehensive and Collision Claimants to Particular Repair Facilities.

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6 04/24/1990 WITHDRAWN

Automobile Self-Insurers And Insurers Licensed To Write Automobile Insurance In New York

Reimbursement for Hospital Inpatient Services Under No-Fault for Treatment Rendered on and after January 1, 1988.

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Supp. 3 to CL 9 (1988) 05/31/1990 WITHDRAWN

All Property/Casualty Insurance Companies; Co-Operative Fire Insurance Companies; Lloyds Underwriters And Reciprocal Insurers; And, The Medical Malpractice Insurance Association

Property/Casualty Insurance Security Fund.

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Supp. 1 to CL 17 (1987) 06/20/1990

All Property/Casualty Insurance Companies Authorized To Write General Liability Insurance In This State

Scope, pricing and rating of commercial umbrella policies: Workers' compensation and employers' liability coverages.

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7 06/27/1990

All Insurers Licensed To Write Auto Insurance In New York State

Private Passenger Automobile Total Loss Claim Settlements.

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8 08/01/1990 WITHDRAWN

All Authorized Life Insurance Companies, Accredited Life Reinsurers, Fraternal Benefit Societies And Charitable Annuity Societies

Maximum Reserve Valuation and Maximum Life Policy Nonforfeiture Interest Rates Under Sections 4217, 4218 and 4221(k) of the New York Insurance Laws, as amended in 1982, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988.

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Supp. 2 to CL 3 (1986) 08/21/1990 WITHDRAWN

Manager, Commercial Lines Underwriting Of: All Licensed Property/Casualty Insurers; Also: Insurance Producer Organizations

Availability Survey Updates. (Update)

html pdf
9 09/05/1990 WITHDRAWN

All Property/Casualty Insurance Companies and Reciprocal Insurers

Workers' Comp. Security Fund.

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10 08/31/1990

All Authorized Auto Insurers In This State

Automobile Insurance Discounts.

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11 08/30/1990 WITHDRAWN

All Authorized Property/Casualty Insurers Writing "Claims-Made" Insurance For Professionals In This State

Continuation of Coverage When Professional Practice is Interrupted Due to Military Service Activation.

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14 09/24/1990 WITHDRAWN

All Domestic Property/Casualty, Lloyds, Reciprocal, Mortgage Guaranty, Financial Guaranty, Assessment Co-operative Property/Casualty and Advance Premium Co-operative Property/Casualty Insurers

Supplemental Instruction to NAIC General Instruction 12 for the filing of the 1990 Annual Statement.

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15 11/01/1990

All Rental Car Companies And Franchisees In This State All Authorized Insurers Providing Relevant Coverages

Limited License Required to Sell Certain Kinds of Insurance To Consumers Renting Motor Vehicles in New York State.

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16 11/01/1990

All Insurers Issuing Professional Liability Policies To Health Professionals

National Practitioner Data Bank, Federal Reporting Requirements.

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17 11/16/1990 WITHDRAWN

All Automobile Self-Insurers And Insurers Licenseiy To Write Automobile Insurance In New York

(A) No-Fault Reimbursement Schedules For Hospital Outpatient Services Rendered From July 1, 1990 Through June 30, 1991; and (B) No-Fault Reimbursement Schedules For Hospital Inpatient Services Under No-Fault for Treatment Rendered on and after January 1, 1990.

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