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September 24, 1990


Circular Letter No. 14


TO: All Domestic Property/Casualty, Lloyds, Reciprocal, Mortgage Guaranty, Financial Guaranty, Assessment Co-operative Property/Casualty and Advance Premium Co-operative Property/Casualty Insurers

RE: Supplemental Instruction to NAIC General Instruction 12 for the filing of the 1990 Annual Statement

This Circular Letter is to alert the captioned insurers that the following supplemental instruction is applicable to the filing of the 1990 annual statement blank:

Supplemental Instruction to NAIC General Instruction 12 for the filing of the 1990 Annual Statement

In order that a person may be deemed a "Qualified Actuary" pursuant to Subsection (2)(c), the following information should be submitted to:

Elise C. Liebers A.C.A.S, M.A.A.A

Supervising Actuary

Property Companies Bureau

State of New York Insurance Department

160 West Broadway

New York, New York 10013

1. The NAIC Biographical form;

2. A list of all companies and the years for which loss reserve opinions have been issued by this person in the last 5 years with an indication of whether or not such opinions were qualified (copies of such qualified opinions should be attached);

3. If the individual has not certified the reserves in the past but was responsible for establishing the reserves as filed in annual statements during the last 5 years, a list of all such insurers and the years for which such reserves were established;

4. A list of all courses and/or seminars related to loss reserving which were attended by this person in the last 12 months. (Applicable to the filing of the 1991 annual statement, this supplemental instruction will read: Evidence of satisfactorily completing one course or attending one seminar relating to property/casualty loss and loss adjustment expense reserving during the 12 month period immediately prior to the filing of such statement);

5. A list of the lines of business for which such person will be opining if approved as a "Qualified Actuary";

6. If a person has successfully completed any parts of the Examinations of the Casualty Actuarial Society, evidence thereof; and,

7. A statement certifying the accuracy of this information attested to by an officer of the entity requesting this approval.

Insurers should request approval that the person be deemed a "Qualified Actuary" at least 90 days prior to the filing of its annual statement.

Very truly yours,



Department of Financial Services


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