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Holocaust Victims Insurance Act of 1998 - Insurer's Initial Reports

For further explanation on the Kits offered below, please see the instructions following the "Circular Letter 26 forms ...." bullets.

In order to speed the download process, we have zipped (packaged) all components of a kit (several forms and instructions) into one self-extracting (.EXE) file. (See the Circular Letter 26 bullets above). To unzip and print these forms individually, follow these instructions:

  1. Create or designate a directory to download files to. Each kit should be saved in a separate directory or sub-directory to distinguish it from other kits.
  2. From your browser, select the file that you need from the "Kits" area below, and save it to the directory or sub-directory you created.
  3. You may change the file name as long as you keep the file extension (.EXE) the same.
  4. Using File Manager in Windows, double click on the file that you just downloaded. The individual files will then be extracted into the same directory. After this process is complete, you may have to refresh the directory listing to see the files.
  5. Using File Manager in Windows, highlight an individual form (ending with *.PDF) and double click. This will start Adobe Acrobat Reader and will allow you to read or print the form as needed.

Updated 08/05/2013

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