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General Guidelines for Rate, Form, Territory, Classification and Rule Filings


Section III. Additional Requirements for Form, Territory, Classification or Rule Filings:

1) The filing must include a cover letter, and a memorandum clearly explaining the intent of the filing and highlighting any substantive changes (such as changes in major coverages or exclusions).

2) If new form(s), territories, classification(s), or rule(s) are being filed which are based on similar ones currently approved for use by a Rate Service Organization (RSO) or another insurer, reference should be provided to the Department's "R" file number and effective date of the approval, or copies of the approved items should be included.  If the company is currently using the filing in another state, this should be indicated, including the state(s) where it is in use.

3) If the filing is based on a previous filing, regardless of whether such filing was approved or not, reference should be made to that file's Department "R" file number.

4) If a new form(s) or endorsement(s) modifies existing policy provision(s) currently in effect, be sure to include in your explanatory memorandum a discussion of the policy provision(s) which will be affected as well as a copy of the current policy provision(s). In addition, a side-by-side comparison of the new form(s) and existing policy provision(s) should be provided.

5) If the filing is a non-rating revision to existing form(s), territories, classification(s) or rule(s):


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