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Product Outlines Guidance for Insurers When Submitting Life and Annuity Product Filings

The life product outlines are being made available by the Department for the sole purpose of providing general guidance to insurers when submitting life and annuity product filings in New York. The product outlines are the result of a joint Department/Industry working group, which was convened to improve the policy form filing process.

Before making a product filing with the Department please review the product outline that applies to your Company’s particular product. The outlines address the filing process in general and then address the product in particular. The product outlines contain helpful references to statutes, regulations, circular letters and Office of General Counsel Opinions. It should be noted that the product outlines are generic in nature and may not necessarily address specific designs or features that are applicable or unique to your Company’s particular product. Please be advised that compliance with the product outlines does not guarantee approval of any product filing.

All life and annuity product filings should be sent to:

Peter Dumar, Jr.
Chief Insurance Policy Examiner
Life Bureau
One Commerce Plaza
Albany, NY 12257

All life and annuity filings involving changes to previously approved life, annuity, funding agreements rates, surrender values, paid-up nonforfeiture values or the supporting actuarial documentation of methodology not involving form language or content should be sent to:

William B. Carmello
Chief Life Actuary
Life Bureau
One Commerce Plaza
Albany, NY 12257

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