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MIF Claim Submission Guidance – Member Claims

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Below are claim submission guidelines for members submitting claims to the Medical Indemnity Fund (MIF). Make sure you have already obtained any necessary authorization from Alicare before submitting your claim.

If you have any questions about submitting claims, please contact us: or call 1-855-NYMIF33 (1-855-696-4333) and select the option for Claims.

If you have any questions about authorizations, please contact Alicare:
1-855-NYMIF33 (1-855-696-4333) and select the option for Enrollment and General Benefit Questions.

Overall Submission requirements

When possible, we urge providers to submit claims directly to the MIF for reimbursement on behalf of members. We welcome questions from providers relating to MIF claim submission and have developed a separate set of MIF Claim Submission Guidelines for Providers available on the MIF website. When claims are submitted by members, the MIF support team will help you to submit complete and accurate claims and supporting documentation. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the claim submission process.

Please note that all completed claims are required to be received by the MIF within 90 days from the date services are rendered or purchased.

Member Claims

You can submit your claims either by

You can help the MIF process your claims quickly and accurately! This starts with a clear and legible General Reimbursement Form or Travel Reimbursement Form (whichever is applicable).

In addition to the standard form, for some claims additional information is needed from you to avoid unnecessary delays in reimbursement.

Not sure what you should include with your claims?

Please contact us: or call 1-855-NYMIF33 (1-855-696-4333)

We are happy to assist you.

Updated 01/25/2018


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