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Superintendent of Insurance Gregory V. Serio today announced that he has named Deputy Superintendent Louis W. Pietroluongo as First Deputy Superintendent of the Insurance Department. The appointment is effective immediately. In his new position, Lou will be serving as the Chief Operating Officer of the Department and will be based in the New York City office.

"Lou has been a key part of the Department’s executive team over the past four years, providing strong leadership and critical decision making skills," said Serio. "He has been responsible for overseeing four of the Department’s bureaus including the Frauds Bureau, which under Lou’s leadership has grown into one of the premier fraud fighting agencies in the country. He has also been instrumental in streamlining procedures to make the Department even more efficient and effective for its customers."

"Most recently his hard work and vision in designing the Disaster Coalition to prepare the State, the insurance industry and resources for potential disasters proved profoundly useful on September 11th." Said Serio. "Although a disaster of that magnitude was inconceivable at the time the Coalition was created, the model that the Department designed provided everyone with step-by-step instructions minutes after the attack on the WTC. The Coalition has been heralded nationwide and Lou was pivotal in its creation and implementation."

Pietroluongo has served as an integral member of the Department’s Executive Bureau since joining the Department as Deputy Superintendent in June of 1998--overseeing the activities of the Department’s Frauds, Licensing, Consumer Services and Liquidation Bureaus as well as coordinating various Insurance Department administrative programs and management initiatives including the Insurance Disaster Coalition, speed-to-market, and the accreditation process. He was awarded a medal of honor by the President’s Council on Year 2000 Conversion for outstanding Y2K service.

Prior to appointment at the Department, Pietroluongo served for 32 years with the New York City Police Department, where he rose to the rank of Deputy Chief and spent 28 years in management positions, including Commanding Officer of First Deputy Commissioner’s Office.

In one of his last Police Department assignments, he served as Executive Officer of Patrol in the Bronx where he supervised, directed, and coordinated the activities of the 12 precinct commands in the borough as well as several administrative and investigative units, altogether encompassing 3,200 police officers and supervisors. He also developed, reviewed and coordinated crime-fighting programs and policies. Among his other accomplishments with the NYPD were serving as Commanding Officer of the Quality Control Section; designing and implementing crime prevention programs for U.S. Navy personnel stationed in Brooklyn and Staten Island; and coordinating the NYPD’s Subway Protection Program.

"Lou’s vast experience in NYPD has opened up new doors to protect New York’s insurance consumers through cooperative efforts between the Department and the law enforcement community," added Serio. "I look forward to continuing to work with Lou in his new capacity."

Lou Pietroluongo is a graduate from Brooklyn College with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and from the New York City Police Management Institute at Columbia University. He resides in West Nyack, New York along with his wife Ursula and son Louis.

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