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Final Adoptions Issued During 2000

Final Adoptions - Insurance | Legal Index

Adoption (link and description) Effective Date

Seven Regulations That Together Deal with Prepaid Legal Services Plans and Legal Services Insurance:

March 22, 2000

First Amendment to Regulation 47 (11 NYCRR 50)

Separate Accounts and Separate Account Annuities

April 26, 2000

Twenty-Sixth Amendment To Regulation No. 101 (11 NYCRR 70)

Medical Malpractice Insurance Rate Modifications, Provisional Rates, Required Policy Provisions And Availability Of Additional Coverages

July 1, 2000

Third Amendment To Regulation No. 114 (11 NYCRR 126)

Trust Agreements

August 2, 2000

Eighth Amendment To Regulation No. 96 (11 NYCRR 62-4)

Anti-Arson Application

September 27, 2000

Regulation No. 167 (11 NYCRR 310)

Product Or System Group Insurance Policies

October 18, 2000

Third Amendment To Regulation No. 146 (11 NYCRR 361) (PDF)

Establishment And Operation Of Market Stabilization Mechanisms For Individual And Small Group Health Insurance And Medicare Supplement Insurance

December 13, 2000

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