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Final Adoptions Issued During 2002

Final Adoptions - Insurance | Legal Index

Adoption (link and description) Effective Date

First Amendment To Regulation 164  (11 NYCRR 101)

Standards For Financial Risk Transfer Between Insurers And Health Care Providers

January 30, 2002

First Amendment To Regulation 125  (11 NYCRR 34) (PDF)

Requirements Pertaining To The Location Of An Insurance Agent Or Broker At Each Place Of Insurance Business: Reporting Requirements

February 13, 2002

Regulation 173 (11 NYCRR 421) (PDF)

Standards For Safeguarding Customer Information

February 27, 2002

Repeal of Regulation 49 (11 NYCRR 11) (PDF)

Maximum Expense Allowances Payable To Agents In Connection With Expenses Incurred For Obtaining New Ordinary Life Insurance And Annuity Contracts

Repeal of Regulation 50 (11 NYCRR 12) (PDF)

Additional Compensation To New General Agents And Training Allowances To New Soliciting Agents

April 17, 2002

Tenth Amendment To Regulation 107 (11 NYCRR 71) (PDF)

Legal Defense Costs In Liability Policies

April 17, 2002

Third Amendment To Regulation 95 (11 NYCRR 86) (PDF)

Report Of Suspected Insurance Frauds To Insurance Frauds Bureau; Required Warning Statements

May 1, 2002

Fourth Amendment To Regulation 146 (11 NYCRR 361) (PDF)

Establishment And Operation Of Market Stabilization Mechanisms For Individual And Small Group Health Insurance And Medicare Supplement Insurance

May 22, 2002

Twenty-eighth Amendment To Regulation 62 (11 NYCRR 52)

Minimum Standards For The Form, Content And Sale Of Health Insurance, Including Standards For Full And Fair Disclosure

June 19, 2002

Notice of Final Adoption- Non-substantive Amendments of Numerous Parts of Title 11 NYCRR

To update regulations & statutory references contained therein to be consistent with Insurance Law recodification and to eliminate obsolete provisions

June 26, 2002

First Amendment to Regulation 31, (11 NYCRR 173) (PDF)

Revenue Bonds

Twenty-ninth Amendment to Regulation 62, (11 NYCRR 52) (PDF Format)

Minimum Standards For Form, Content And Sale Of Health Insurance, Including Standards Of Full And Fair Disclosure

August 21, 2002

Notice of Adoptions for the
Second Amendment to Regulation 86, (11 NYCRR 16) (PDF)

Special Risk Insurance

and for the

Second Amendment to Regulation 35-C, (11 NYCRR 64-2) (PDF Format)

Liability Insurance Covering All-Terrain Vehicles

September 11, 2002

Notice of Adoptions for the Fifth Amendment To Regulation No. 30 (PDF)

Note: Includes the following:

  • (11 NYCRR 105): Operating Expense Classifications for Annual Statement Purposes
  • (11 NYCRR 106): Allocation of Joint Expenses to Companies
  • (11 NYCRR 107): Composition of, and Allocation to, Expense Groups
  • (11 NYCRR 108): Allocation to Lines of Business
  • (11 NYCRR 109): Allocation of Salaries and Other Expenses
October 23, 2002

Consensus Notice of Adoption for the 26th Amendment to Regulation 83, 11 NYCRR 68 (PDF)

Charges For Professional Health Services

October 23, 2002

Notice of Adoption of the
Second Amendment To Regulation No. 1(11 NYCRR 1)  (PDF)


& (11 NYCRR 2)  (PDF)

Promulgation Of Regulations; Opinions

October 30, 2002

Consensus Final Adoption of the Third Amendment to Regulation 47, (11 NYCRR 50) (PDF)

Separate Accounts And Separate Account Annuities

December 4, 2002

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