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New York State Resources


Regulatory agenda, proposed, emergency and final adopted regulations, wild card approvals and other regulatory actions of the Department.

Interpretations & Opinions

Opinions and interpretations of laws and regulations issued by the Department in response to inquiries from industry, regulated entities and the public.

Industry Letters & Circular Letters

Advisory letters issued to supervised institutions and industry for the purpose of clarifying new or revised policies and interpretations, providing guidance or requesting information.

Interagency Agreements & Memoranda of Understanding

Agreements entered into by the Department in order to foster cooperation and/or information-sharing with other agencies or authorities.

FOIL Requests

Freedom of Information (FOIL) requests may be made to access the Department's public records that are not available on our Website.

Legislative Summaries

Legislative summaries of insurance-related Governor's Program bills and Department bills intended to provide a general overview of a bill.


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