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Industry Letters

2000 - 1996 Industry Letters

Note: Links to the explanatory letters issued by the Department of Financial Services in connection with the proposal or adoption of particular regulations may be found in the Regulations section of this web site.

September 11, 2000 Letter Pertaining to ATM Video Tape Usage
August 7, 2000 Letter Reminding Financial Institutions of the Importance of Strict Compliance with Escheatment Obligations
June 13, 2000 Payday Loans
February 18, 2000 Fair Lending Plan-Guidance Letter
January, 2000 Letter Urging Institutions to Partner with Youth Development Programs Serving Low and Moderate Income Populations
December 21, 1999 Letter on Know Your Customer Procedures for Electronic Cash Management Services
July 19, 1999 Fair Lending Plan Requirements
February 23, 1999 Best Practices for ATM Video Tape Usage
February 19, 1999 Streamlined Procedures for Additional Licensed Lender Locations
December 17, 1998 Advisory Notice on Compliance with ATM Safety Act
September 18, 1998 Letter Urging Banks to Help Develop and Support Child Care Programs
August 27, 1998 Best Practices Letter and Guide on Foreclosure Prevention/Mitigation for Affordable Mortgage Lending
June 10, 1998 Letter to Foreign Banks Clarifying Need for Branch, Agency or Representative Office Applications as a Result of a Merger or Consolidation
September 30, 1996 Guidelines for New York State Chartered Banks and Trust Companies Engaging in Insurance Sales Activities
September 25, 1996 The Year 2000 EDP Survey
September 25, 1996 Banking Law Section 351 - Licensed Lenders, Annual Fees on Open-End Loans
  Procedure to Secure the Approval of the Superintendent of Banks to Use Certain Prohibited Names in the Proposed Business Title
August 22, 1996 Vacation Policy
June 1996 June 1996 Report on Foreign Banks in New York

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