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S. 4675-A(Hannon)/A. 10884--A(Morelle)

Wellness Programs

Summary: The bill adds a new Section 3239 to the Insurance Law to permit insurers, Article 43 corporations, HMOs, and municipal cooperative health benefits plans to offer wellness programs designed to promote health and prevent disease. Specifics include:

The bill also amends Insurance Law § 4224(c) by adding the phrase “except as permitted by section three thousand two-hundred thirty-nine of this chapter” to the beginning of the subsection, which provides, among other things, that no insurer, broker or other stated entity shall give any person an inducement not specified in any policy or contract, nor shall any person knowingly receive as such inducement, any rebate of premium, or policy fee.

Effective Date: Immediately.

Last Action: The bill was signed by the Governor on September 25, 2008 (Chapter 627).

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