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Adopted Regulations
Emergency Adoption of Amendments to Superintendent's Regulation 400.6 (Licensed Cashers of Checks)

Paragraph (1) of Subsection (a) of Section 400.6 of the Superintendent’s Regulations shall be amended to read as follows:

  1. Every licensee shall:

  1. Post and display at all times in a conspicuous place on the premises the license and also the schedule of rates to be charged.  The schedule shall be made of [plastic or metal] durable material, be no less than 30 inches wide and 36 inches high with letters at least ¾ inch in size and indicate [in five cent increments, between 60 cents and $14.00,] the fee applicable to the full amount of the check to be cashed [provided that such schedules shall indicate that the minimum fee of 60 cents shall apply to all checks under $42.86 and that the maximum fee cannot exceed 1.4 percent of the amount of the check].  The schedule shall indicate the fee that corresponds to the amount of the check.  The amount of the check shall be set forth on the schedule in increments of $25.00 ranging from $25.00 to $2,000.  The schedule shall also indicate the percentage charge imposed on all checks and the minimum charge of $1.00 per check.  The schedule shall be in English and in Spanish and posted in the customer’s area.

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