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BitLicense Regulatory Framework

Final Rules

In accordance with the New York State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA), the final DFS rules for virtual currency business activity have been published in the New York State Register's June 24, 2015 edition.

These final rules reflect comments received by the Department pursuant to the SAPA process in response to proposed rules published in the July 23, 2014 and February 25, 2015 editions of the New York State Register.

Public Comments

The public comments received in response to the July 23, 2014 draft of the proposed rules are available here and public comments received in response to the February 25, 2015 draft are available here.  Note that comments are identified by the name signed to each comment.  Where no signature was provided, the comment is labeled as unsigned.  Contact and transmittal information from comments have been redacted.  Otherwise, the text of each comment remains unaltered.


The Department is also providing responses to a series of frequently asked questions here. Note that these questions and answers may be updated from time to time as necessary. 

Virtual Currency Licensing

Information and resources regarding the Virtual Currency License Application can be found on the Virtual Currency Licensing page.

Questions regarding the license or licensing process may be referred to and should include contact information that the Department may use to contact you regarding your question.


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