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Unless otherwise noted, the following are in PDF format.

07/28/2021DFS Letter to the Department of Health and Human Services (page)
06/14/2021Letter to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Climate Change Disclosures (page)
03/09/2021DFS Comment Letter on Protecting student loan borrowers (page)
02/16/2021DFS Comment Letter on Community Reinvestment Act Modernization (page)
09/02/2020DFS Comment Letter on OCC’s Proposed True Lender Rule (page)
08/06/2020Letter to U.S. Department of Education on Extension of CARES Act for Student Loan Borrowers
07/29/2020Letter to U.S. Department of Labor on Proposed Rule to “Investment Duties” Regulation
07/03/2020Amicus Curiae Brief to Southern District of New York Hearing Appeal from the Bankruptcy Court Regarding the Discharge of Student Loan Debts
04/08/2020Letter to OCC Regarding Docket ID OCC–2018–0008 Community Reinvestment Act Regulations (page)
10/25/2019DFS and DOH joint letter to United Health Group Incorporated
09/23/2019Letter to US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District NY Regarding Requested Payments to Purdue Pharma Employees
08/05/2019Letter to US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights on Nondiscrimination in Health and Health Education Programs or Activities Proposed Rule
11/19/2018Letter to the OCC Regarding Reforming the Community Reinvestment Act Regulatory Framework
09/17/2018Letter to Connecticut Insurance Department Regarding the Proposed Acquisition of Aetna Inc. by CVS Health Corporation
06/04/2018Letter to CFPB Requesting Information Regarding Bureau Public Reporting Practices of Consumer Complaint Information
05/18/2018Letter to  CFPB Requesting Information Regarding the Bureau’s Supervision Program
05/14/2018Letter to CFPB Request for Information Regarding Bureau Enforcement Processes
04/12/2018Letter to CFPB Request for Information Regarding Bureau Civil Investigative Demands and Associated Processes
03/02/2018Letter to Secretary DeVos, US Department of Education on the Regulation of Student Loan Servicers and Debt Collectors
04/14/2017Letter to OCC on Comptroller's Licensing Manual Draft Supplement: Evaluating Charter Applications From Financial Technology Companies
01/17/2017Letter to OCC Exploring Special Purpose National Bank Charters for Fintech Companies
08/03/2016Letter on the Application for Approval of Acquisition of Control of CIGNA Life Insurance Company of New York by Anthem, Inc. - Our File No. 51223
07/11/2016Letter on the Application for Approval of the Acquisition of Control of Humana Insurance Company of New York by Aetna Inc.
06/28/2016Letter to US Secretary of Health and Human Services on the CMS risk adjustment program