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Press Releases

Release Date
2019-01-24 DFS Continues to Advance Responsible Innovation in New York’s Fintech Industry
2019-01-16 DFS Fines SN Servicing Corp. $100,000 for Violations of Vacant and Abandoned Property Law
2019-01-10 DFS Orders Arch Insurance Company and National Union Fire Insurance Company to Provide $8 Million in Rebates to New York Volunteer Firefighter Companies for Violations of Insurance Law
2019-01-04 DFS Superintendent Vullo And A.G. James Announce $9 Million Settlement With Conduent Education Services, LLC For Engaging In Illegal Practices While Servicing Student Loans
2018-12-26 Department Of Financial Services Approves Plymouth Rock Acquisition Of Mapfre Property & Casualty Insurance Company
2018-12-19 Statement by DFS Superintendent Maria T. Vullo
2018-12-18 DFS Fines Barclays Bank PLC and New York Branch $15 Million Following Whistleblower Investigation
2018-12-12 DFS Fines Two New York Licensed Insurers More Than $2.5 Million for Violations of Insurance Law
2018-12-10 DFS Adopts Emergency Regulation to Begin the Implementation of Principle-Based Reserving for Life Insurers
2018-12-05 DFS Takes Action Against National Integrity Life Insurance Company to Protect Consumers Who Purchased Annuities
2018-12-04 DFS Continues to Lead Responsible Innovation in New York’s Fintech Industry with New Virtual Currency Approval for Commercial Banking Transactions
2018-11-26 DFS Approves CVS Health’s Acquisition of Aetna Insurance Company of New York Subject to Key Conditions and Ongoing Oversight to Protect New Yorkers
2018-11-20 New York Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo Receives the Excellence in Consumer Advocacy Award from NAIC Consumer Representatives
2018-11-19 DFS Fines Société Générale SA and its New York Branch $420 Million for Violations of Laws Governing Economic Sanctions and Violations of New York Anti-Money Laundering and Recordkeeping Laws
2018-11-14 DFS Grants Virtual Currency and Money Transmitter License to NYDIG Execution, LLC
2018-11-02 DFS Authorizes Expansion of New York State-Chartered Bank
2018-11-01 DFS Superintendent Vullo Directs Health Insurers and Brokers to Ensure Plans Deliver all Consumer Protections Provided Under New York Law
2018-11-01 DFS Grants Virtual Currency License to Coinsource, Inc.
2018-10-26 DFS Announces Conversion of PCSB Bank to a New York State Chartered Commercial Bank Serving the Lower Hudson Valley
2018-10-23 DFS Authorizes Coinbase Global, Inc. to Form Coinbase Custody Trust Company LLC
2018-10-22 Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo Announces the Approval of New Banking Development District in Bronx Community District 6
2018-10-16 DFS Superintendent Vullo Announces $5.78 Million in Restitution to Sentinel Insurance and Selective Insurance New York Policyholders
2018-10-10 DFS Fines Mashreqbank and its New York Branch $40 Million for Violations of New York Anti-Money Laundering and Recordkeeping Laws
2018-10-01 October 1, 2018: DFS Announces Conversion of Northern Federal Credit Union to a New York State Charter
2018-10-01 DFS Superintendent Vullo Announces Next Phase of Expanded Participation in State-Based NMLS Platform, Enhancing State Regulation of the Financial Services Industry
2018-09-25 DFS Advises State-Chartered Banks of Responsibilities in Lending to Landlords of Rent-Stabilized or -Regulated Multi-Family Residential Buildings
2018-09-19 DFS Announces New Actions to Combat the Opioid Crisis and Ease Roadblocks to Addiction Treatment
2018-09-18 Superintendent Vullo Announces New Cayuga County Banking Development District and Approval of a New BDD Branch in Albany County
2018-09-10 DFS Continues to Foster Responsible Growth in New York’s Fintech Industry with New Virtual Currency Product Approvals
2018-09-05 DFS Issues 2018 Edition of New York Consumer Guide to Health Insurers
2018-08-31 DFS Approves AXA SA's Acquisition of XL Insurance Company, Inc. and XL Reinsurance America, Inc.
2018-08-24 DFS Approves Nordea Holding Abp’s New York State-Licensed Branch
2018-08-23 DFS Takes Action to Protect New Yorkers from Unfair Auto Lending Practices as Federal Government Rolls Back Consumer Protections
2018-08-22 DFS Launches Online Registration Form for Credit Reporting Agencies to Protect the Private Information of New Yorkers
2018-08-21 Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation to Ban Placement Agents in the NYS Common Retirement Fund
2018-08-21 Governor Cuomo Announces Reforms to Improve Standards and Increase Transparency in the Bail Bond Industry
2018-08-08 Superintendent Vullo Reminds Regulated Entities of Approaching Cybersecurity Regulation Compliance Effective Date
2018-08-03 DFS Takes Action to Ensure a Continued Healthy and Competitive 2019 New York Health Insurance Market Despite Continued Wrongful Federal Attacks on the Affordable Care Act
2018-07-27 Superintendent Vullo Reminds Insurers that Federal Association Health Plan Rule Does Not Preempt State Law
2018-07-18 DFS Issues Final Life Insurance and Annuity Suitability and Best Interests Regulation Protecting Consumers from Conflicts of Interest